Apex Power Solar Generator: All to learn about the upgrade of the Inergy Solar to Kodiak Solar Generator

Inergy Apex Solar Generator

Would you like to purchase a solar portable power plant? We’ve got a new model on the market alongside a line of genius solar generators. The solar generator is Inergy Apex. It is of course an upgrade to a well known Kodiak solar generator from Inergy Solar. Here we discuss its characteristics in detail.

Apex is naturally very lightweight and highly compact, as is its predecessor. It’s so strong at the same time that it can compete with big players like Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium.

However, Inergy, Apex, gave it a fresh brand. That said, to explore the peak and wild with greater confidence you would get a cool solar energy farm. Let’s look closely at this.

Apex Solar Power Capacity – everything to learn

Inergy Apex is simply a 1100Wh power station with the solar charging compatibility. It packs up a 1500W pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 3000 watts. Most amazingly, it has got six units of 110-120 AC sockets exactly like its predecessor, Inergy Kodiak solar generator.

Coming to the look and feel, it exists the Kodiak’s rectangular design. Plus, its 25-lbs profile makes it over 30 percent lighter than most of the rivaling products. At the same time, you get quite enough power and storage capacity to make it one of the nice solar power stations.

Apart from the AC sockets, a RV plug and a number of other recharge outlets are solar sports in Inergy Apex. These have two modules with 12V DC sockets and as many light ports for base camps. In addition, the computer is fitted with 4 USB ports with two USB-C and as many USB-A QC ports.

Apex emphasizes the most rapid charge system, by the way, as per Inergy. It equips an advanced MPPT charging controller to make charging quicker and efficient. So it could be recharged in six to 12 hours under optimum sunlight with specific solar panels from its Inergy supplier.

In particular, a solar generator from Inergy Apex carries a robust battery inside. 2000 recharge cycles with a potential 10-year lifespan are estimated. In addition, the device has an option to expand your capacity with additional battery packs. Battery connection points are mounted on the unit.

Compatible Solar Panels

The Solar Panel Inergie provides an installation for the Apex solar generator with a matching 100W mono and poly solar panels. The polycrystalline variant, called the solar storm, is coated in tempered glass of good quality and set in sturdy aluminum frames. Up to 5 panels can be chained in two hours to charge Apex.

The monocristalline version known as Solar Linx is meanwhile very costly, but the solar performance is that. Again, in up to three hours, you can chain up to five units of Apex in the frame. Okay, it would take 15 hours for single units of both panels to recharge Apex.

By the way, Inergy supplies the unit with several kits and various tables.

So we have the bronze kit Inergy LINX, the silver kit and the gold package with 1, 3 and 5 units of single LINX sheets, respectively. We have the bronze pack Inergy Storm, Silver and Gold with one, three and five Storm poly panels sets, too. To search all packages, follow the link above.

Why Do You Buy

let’s look at Inergy Apex solar generator’s unique features. There are indeed several reasons why this machine should be used. Stay tuned to look at the mobile solar power generators and see if they are the right choice for you in this crowd.

High-performance machine

Of course, Inergy Apex solar generator is a powerful beast. Powerful machine with great performance. It’s going to be an excellent way to power the home and emergency equipment with a capacity of 1100Wh (90A hours@ 12,6 volts). A 1500W Sine Wave with an overpower of 3,000 watts is included.

Ultra-portable, lightweight

Certainly, Apex is also famous for its lightweight, portable design, such as its predecessor Kodiak. You could easily carry it anywhere, with a weight of 25 lbs and a scale of 14x 7x 8 in. The app has a rectangular shape and has a handle, so it is ideal for mobile use.

Faster solar charge

Quicker Solar Charging Apex is known for its quicker solar charging thanks to the integrated advanced MPPT charge system. Apex is one of the quickest solar power plants on the market, according to Inergie. In the wilderness and in an emergency this certainly would help you.

More than anything, with its range of charging ports, the Inergy Apex solar generator is very notable. It has six AC socket units for all AC emergency equipment first of all, as mentioned above. It has a RV plug and several other DC and USB ports as well.

Why You Should Not Buy

Although a highly reliable portable solar power solution, Inergy is not a popular brand like Goal Zero, Jackery, Renogy, etc. The company now sells only this commodity. Its Kodiak solar generator, though a hyped model, seems not to have received as many takers as anticipated. But you get a beautiful solar power station worth its quality.

Final Thoughts

That’s our assumption of solar generator Inergy Apex. It’s a powerful solar generator with many advanced features. You could buy a different number of matching solar panels in different bundles. That’s how it turns out to be an ideal solar generator to power off – the-grid or emergency life. Share your Apex power station thoughts in the comments below.

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