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Best 2020 Flashlights; Tactical & LED items reviewed by Experts

Best day-to-day flashlights 2020

It’s a bright idea to wear an LED flashlight as part of your daily carry— and we don’t mean the one on your smartphone’s back. While the LED on your phone might work in a pinch, a more reliable alternative is a dedicated EDC flashlight. Even if you don’t think you could use one, the fact is that every night it gets dark. So you should invest in a small flashlight to be safe, whether it’s in a blackout, searching the floor for something you left off, or taking a walk at night.

If you have never previously carried a flashlight, we suggest that you start small. By getting in the way, small flashlights can be easier to carry in your pocket or even on your keychain. Thanks to how sophisticated LEDs and batteries have become, the best flashlights can still get impressively bright.

You may want to look at tactical flashlights for emergencies or really hard use. We are designed to work in challenging applications for military and law enforcement, so they will be strong and robust enough for your everyday uses.

Different Types of Daily Carry Flashlights 2020

To While we discussed small keychain flashlights and tactical flashlights, you can find that there are many different ways in which flashlights can be customized. Big, bulky cylinders are not all lights. What battery it uses is the best way to narrow down a flashlight: think to start with AAA, AA, or CR123. Generally speaking, smaller batteries mean smaller and more portable flashlights with less runtime and brightness. Bigger, more efficient flashlights need more batteries and generally mean a more bulky light. Check out this brief explanator on batteries to learn more about which sort of flashlight is right for you. Then look for the best cheap flashlights from our buying guides and scroll down for even more options.