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Experts tested Best Flip & Pocket Knives 2020

Flip & Pocket Knives 2020

If you saw pictures of what people wear every day, you may think, “Why do so many people wear a pocket knife?”The solution for everyone is different, but the idea that a handy pocket knife is an indispensable tool comes back to everything.

Everywhere, people use their EDC knife, whether they’re at work (say opening a package) or at home (making a quick home repair). When you spend time outside, carrying a knife will potentially save your life in an accident (cutting a seatbelt) or in a situation of survival.

That said, knives may be restricted depending on where you live and what the local laws are, so be mindful of them before you determine what kind of pocket knife you can carry.

The 2020 best pocket knife to use every day

You should weigh a bunch of considerations when picking the best pocket knife for your regular carriage: how large the knife is, how it unlocks, how it locks (or doesn’t), how you’re going to carry it, how long it needs to be, and so on.

Remember, you’re going to want a comfortable knife (both in your hand and in your pocket), built to last, secure to use, and legal to carry.

Check out our Best Pocket Knives Guide Under $50 for a few ideas. If you live where knife laws are a little more strict, also check out some of our tips for non-locking weapon.

Different types of Daily Carry Pocket Knives 2020

Because different people have different needs to meet their knife, tons of different types of pocket knives will be found. These have various functions, have different designs and models, and come at various price points.

Some of them are popular and familiar, like the all-in – one Swiss knives built in with various tools, or the traditional old timer knives used by your grandpa to hold handles with wood or bone. For their advanced features and attractive designs, tactical knives and fast-opening flipper or flip knives are more popular these days.

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