How much money did endgame make [Updated]

Avengers: the motto of Endgame is “whatever it takes,” particularly in the sense of beating the insane titan known as Thanos. But in the last few weeks the slogan was also very appropriate to describe Marvel’s efforts to push the Avatar of Endgame past 2009 as the film with the world’s largest box office (unadjusted for inflation). And Endgame eventually surpassed the reigning champion last weekend.

how much money did endgame make

how much money did endgame make?

2.9 billion USD

At the box-office, a post-credit trailer from the next Spider-Man: Far From Home and a final release in theater last month with new post-credit content took 13 weeks.

Last weekend, Endgame made an record $1.19 million in the domestic box office to bring its worldwide gross to $2.79 billion. The carriage of Avatar is worth $2,789 billion. The record is Marvel’s newest jewel — or Infinity Stone in the gauntlet, if the Marvel cinematic mythology is the theme. When the film came out in April, it marked the world’s biggest opening weekend and the biggest home opening weekend in history (1.2 billion dollars); it also kept the fastest-to-1 billion title (it just took 5 days).

But the film’s greatest accomplishment is probably how Endgame’s global piles of money validate Marvel’s filmmaking strategy. Twenty-three years ago, in 1996, Marvel filed for bankruptcy and sold some of his characters the film rights just to keep them alive. Left with second-tier characters like Thor and Capain America (the most popular characters were spider-man and X-men at that time), the book company started introducing the Marvel film universe with Iron Man in 2008 and eventually created a tapestry of linked films that were each more profitable than the previous one.

And now, 11 years after Marvel’s film magic, Marvel Studios has the best film ever. The plot coincides with the announcement this weekend of 10 new projects — films and TV shows — symbolizing ‘Step 4.’ This would be a great accomplishment if any of these films were as big as Endgame, but note that it took 11 years to tell stories to hit the Endgame. Send Marvel another 11 years and anything is possible.

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