How much money do dermatologist make 2020 Updated

how much money do dermatologist make
Dermatologist Inspecting Patient Face Skin with Dermatoscope

Overall, wages for dermatologists are dependent on years of experience, speciality, geographic position, facility type and changes.

The estimated median annual income for a traditional US dermatologist is $196,150 according to More than half the dermatologists employed earn between $169,504 and $246,323.

In a private practice, dermatologists who are self-employed set their own rate for each patient. This generally leads to higher earnings and fewer working hours.

Dermatology Job Perspective:

The American Board of Dermatology reports that in the United States, there are 8,500 board-certified dermatologists who practice. There are 15,000 specialists employed in dermatology who are graduates of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Job prospects are expected to be very good for dermatologists, as job growth is growing faster than average. Patients are often seeking specialist dermatology services, the new technologies and services.

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