How Much Money do TikTokers make in 2020?

Odds are that you’ve never heard about TikTok, or its counterpart (in the west),, if you’re over 30. But if you are a teenager or tween, especially if you are a female, it is highly likely that you are a TikToker – a person who regularly uses the video based social network TikTok. Like other social networks, TikTok is tailored to marketing influencers, and many of the more developed TikTokers earn good money on the site.

how much money do tiktokers make

Surely TikTok isn’t as well known as YouTube, yet and TikTokers can’t make money as effectively as YouTubers can with its advertising, but awareness is growing high. Recently, we tracked the remarkable growth of TikTok to the point where 2018 saw more than 660 million worldwide downloads. During Q4 2018, Apple ranked No. 1 in global downloads in the App Store.

The formation of a new generation of influencers did not take long for TikTok. We have recently profiled 21 influencers of TikTok to begin to track.

These influencers may be young now, but they live well from their TikTok business – much more than just pocket money. However, you will have to build to such an extent that you have thousands of followers before you consider monetizing your TikTok account.

How much can an influencer shape TikTok? Like all influencers, this can be difficult to address – influencers may derive their income from multiple sources. However, our TikTok money calculator has been developed to provide a guide to income and contribution influencers.

Main Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2020

Remember that you need to be at least 16 before you can start making money (directly) on TikTok (with the permission of your parents). You must be 18 to communicate with brands and third parties directly. However, there could be some younger broadcasters who are making money by selling products with their parents.

Gifting was immensely popular in the days of, the livestreaming website. The name may have changed, but it remains alive in Go Live form. You need at least 1,000 followers per stream to stay.

As you live, your followers will give you coins. You can exchange coins for real cash until you earn enough to make it worthwhile.

It is safe to find coins as TikTok’s virtual currency. TikTok users buy coins in quantities between 100 and 10,000 coins. The prices for each package vary according to the size of the package and the currency.

Users were able to buy 100 virtual coins for US$ 0.99 when they wrote this. They store their coins in their online wallet and then give coins as they perform live to merit TikTokers. TikTok and Google / Apple retain half the money they spend on (depending on your platform). But live performers should hold their fans ‘remembrance of every tip.

In practical terms, when a user likes a result, they use their coins to buy either a special emoji or another virtual currency (a diamond). Various emojis are worth various amounts of coins. You send an emoji, which refers to how much you want to do (leaving Diamonds to the best deeds).

Performers can settle gift points for up to $1,000 every day at any time.

Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing Activations

TikTok isn’t unlike any other media networks. If you are famous enough, companies begin to consider you and begin to contact you and ask you to work on shaping promotions for them.

The counterpart of TikTok’s Like is a Heart. When you get a lot of hearts on-post, plus frequent feedback about your videos from your followers, brands are likely to monitor your activities and investigate them.

You would most likely consider it to be companies that offer a commodity that is appealing to your supporters who approach you. If, on average, TikToker is popular with girls between 13 and 18, then brands selling goods to teenage girls should be interested in you.

The top TikTokers will earn 50–150 billion dollars for a good brand relationship.

For effective marketing of TikTok influencers it is crucial that the brand and the influencer speak with the same voice, that is, that the influencer must match naturally with the types of people that can buy the brand products. Any influencer should be careful about a brand that wants to change their voice. Your followers look at your videos because they like what you’re doing or saying. We don’t come to hear the message of a company. You can speak of the brands naturally (or use their goods naturally in a video) with good influencer marketing. Whether the product sticks out or bottles, the viewers are confused and doubt the quality of the product. The last thing you expect from an influencer marketing relationship was the need for a scripted video to produce – or even worse, for someone else to post a scripted video.

Note, the FTC influencer marketing rules apply to TikTok accounts just as much as they do to influence marketing on other social platforms. If you have accepted money for a promotional article, make sure that you disclose the truth.

Attending Brand-Sponsored Events

Many TikTokers will get money off the site because of TikTok’s popularity. Brands also target them for events like Beautycon or Comicon. The brand typically pays you for it on a brand-supported platform (or if your TikTok reputation as a good music player has been established, the brand will give you the opportunity to play live on their behalf).

Selling Merchandise

If you’ve built a large sufficient TikTok support base, you might consider setting up a Shopify eCommerce shop and selling goods there for your audience.

Savvy marketers can turn their images from TikTok into a brand and sell that brand in the form of a product. You create a sense of exclusivity by doing this – they can only purchase your T-shirt directly from your Shopify shop through your TikTok account. You should wear this shirt and feel special in any way, since you know it isn’t open to non-TikTokers.

The first step in the sale of goods is to build a community. You can easily do this by connecting with your TokTok fans. Livestreaming can be helpful in promoting a sense of community.

In reality, you can create TikTok videos to sell any kind of merchandise, not only a store. If you sell Etsy goods, make videos showing your products (and maybe your actual manufacturing techniques) and upload them to your TikTok channel.

Recall that your fans don’t come to see advertisements on TikTok. If you upload videos that advertise your products, you must make them attractive. In some niches this is much easier to do than in others. For instance, your videos can almost be educational on how you make your products, if you are in a craft niche. If the majority of your videos show you lip-synching somebody else’s songs, it’s much harder to make credible promotional videos.

A shift in the selling of your own products is to take part in affiliate marketing. Here you recommend such items to your fans and provide a link to an online store to buy the product. Based on the contract you have signed with the affiliate, you will obtain an accepted percentage of sales to people who have followed your connection. You can offer discount coupons if you choose to persuade your followers to follow your connection (rather than purchasing the product directly elsewhere for a full price).

Cross Promote on Your Other Social Networks

Most influencers are recognised for their popularity on one social media network and often operate on other social networks with fair results. TikTok is no different. No distinction. Many TikTokers are video-based and maintain active YouTube accounts.

This offers plenty of cross-promotional opportunities. For example, you can create an audience for a possible live stream across all your social networks. You can also create TikTok highlights videos that you post to your YouTube channel and make sure that you add YouTube advertising on the front.

Three or four social media apps are used daily by the average citizen. One of these may be TikTok, but many people don’t use TikTok. You broaden your total audience and potential buying market by promoting your products and TikTok activities.

How You Can Make Money From TikTok app.

Now if you’ve been living under a rock or something else that has made TikTok into a very popular social media app over the past year. Make Money With TikTok.
And now it’s musically this app used to be, but now it’s called TikTok and like I said it’s been the craze all over the intern. All the internet and even if you were going to do a search for Google and YouTube, you can actually see many of these videos getting you to know millions of views or anything else.

So once again this is a really popular app and the reason I decided to do this article is because while there are a lot of people using this app. They do not monetize it because it is the same thing as I saw with YouTubers. It’s the same thing I see with people on Facebook and Instagram that they have these results on there and they don’t even monetize their followers,
Since they don’t know how to do it, they may be afraid to ask people to buy items from them or something else, or they may have some false conviction. They need something like a big following like Kim Kardashian or something like that.

To get lots of sales and you don’t write even if you have loyal followers of a few hundred or a few thousand. To gain any money, you can also monetize knowing what your audience knows.

Well so I want to share with you, you see about maybe four things that will help you make money with the TikTok app. Right and even though you’re reading this and you’re not on TikTok and you have a channel on YouTube or anything like that.

And you can certainly take this knowledge as well and add it to yours because even with YouTube you don’t have to wait until you’re accepted to become a partner with YouTube and get paid from Adsense.

That’s only one way you can potentially gain revenue from YouTube, and you can gain that you can start making money for your YouTube channel pretty much from day one. If you know how to do it right then you want to do one of the things with the TikTok app.

If you already have an enormous follow up on what you want to do, you want to start reaching out to brands and letting them know about your follow-up. So that way you might start being a brand ambassador or maybe you might even be able to advertise their products.

You know whenever you do like it is whenever you ‘re on TikTok or whatever the best thing to do. So that’s how you want to do that you want to do that for one right to start, so it’s going to be even better.

If you’ve made it more niche yes, just like like I said on YouTube and Instagram and stuff like that. Why you have some pages and no videos or video channels based solely on my maybe be beauty is gaming or anything like that.

If you can get really niched with that then that’s even better right now because it really brands how to see you as an influencer of the niche and they will actually send you free gifts from their products. You know and you are also getting pay sponsorships and everything else to promote their products.

So one, if you only have a large random audience, you might still be able to monetize that by reaching out to brands or anything else or brands, you would actually reach out to you and then, as I said, if you know you are actually growing and influenced.

I mean the next thing you want to do on TikTok is if you can get it a niche. When you can be like a channel of soul beauty a channel of soul gaming or comedy or something else you will get a huge niche that will be even better for you in the long run.

So so another thing you can do is sell your own merchandise and you don’t need to sell your own product to millions upon millions and millions of followers again.

Creating a Shopify store takes around an hour or so, or even less, if you don’t know what Shopify It’s the place where you can create your own e-commerce store and sell your own goods online. So, this is what I did.

I sold physical items I’ve seen a lot of different goods in my stores so you can really sell them like your own t-shirts with you. You can set up your own t-shirts with your own designs, like Logan Paul or something else. You can always do text-based designs if you don’t have a logo or anything like that.

So if that’s something you’re saying a lot and TikTok is you. You know clips or anything else that you can put on a shirt and you can actually sell it like t-shirts that actually sell very well online from the text base. And you don’t have to have any very insane concept to be effective with that.

If you have a fold of people they are going to help you. If you regularly put content out, you have people who only come to see you every single day, and they trust me that everything else will help you and your businesses.

And give them something to help you right out there and you don’t need a million subscribers to do so again. With just a few hundred or a few thousand people you can do this, go ahead and start selling your own merchandise right and then this is the fourth.

So what you can do with the TikTok app itself is you can start building your other social media channels. And if you have a YouTube channel what you should do is tell them to come and join you on YouTube if you have a lot of followers on TikTok.

So right because if you start to get more views on your YouTube videos if you’ve already been approved as a YouTube partner, you can start seeing your essence money increase, because now you have more people to watch your videos.

Okay, that’s how you can monetize over there, even if you’re on a YouTube channel and let’s say you ‘re promoting different products or services or something like that and you’ll always have links in your description below the video again when you’re sending people from tiktok to youtube they’ll see more of your videos.

Someone over there again will increase your views and create your adsense money but then when they watch those videos they will look up in the description below the video. They will see other products and services which you offer. They can also try those out, and buy from there.

And you’ll definitely produce additional revenue strings only from your YouTube channel doing the same right thing. When you do Instagram and as I said you have a Facebook following.

When you have those kinds of follow-ups over there again, your subscribers can increase as well as you can create paid retargeting ads to reach those users, reach your followers, target your following and promote your merchandise, promote your service.

Do any kind of affiliate marketing and so on so these are different ways you can actually monetize your audience on tiktok. If you have the opportunity to monetize your audience you want to take full advantage of that, don’t just create content right.

Okay take full advantage of that and you want to start selling your own merchandise, that’s what you want to do. Get really niche when it comes to building your audience like I said if you can build a solid fashion channel or something like that for a really solid beauty channel.

In a long term, it will work for you and then cross promote cross promotion to your additional social media channels as well. And you can still monetize with this group in that way.

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