How much money do you make from youtube – Updated

We have recently made a call to make every effort to fly and upload videos on YouTube. That means our full time work is to travel vlogging. People also ask “What money are you making from Youtube?” “The secret underneath is

Full-Time Travel Vloggers?!

How Much Money do you Make from YouTube??

Just tell the truth ….

Not enough to make a living for ourselves.

Test veracity. YouTubers are not necessarily allowed to report their earnings. We have signed a nondisclosure agreement as a partner for YouTube.

This is why Youtuber ‘s earnings are never reported online.

But I can tell you that YouTube isn’t our main revenue source.

So you post YouTube videos for a living but that is not where you make the money?

True. To be true.

YouTube gives us the opportunity to share the videos with millions of people. That in effect gives us a loyal community of followers.

Such followers are so kind as to buy our goods from The Wrecked Fashion.

Some fans even sign up for Patreon, which means they subscribe to our channel and commit to donate a selected amount for every video we post. In exchange, they get “rewards” for The Tula Shop, such as discount codes, high-quality photos, and real-time knowledge of where we are and what we are doing.

Another great reason Youtube is because it gives businesses the opportunity to find popular channels that align well with their brand. Sponsorships and partner services are another way for us to make a living video sharing. A sponsorship is an exchange of money for a service or goods. In our case, eighty-five thousand people are being offered exposure on our channel.

Commision-based Affiliate programs. That means we get a commission if we send people to a certain shop, and if they buy something. Often the business also sends our audience a discount code as an opportunity to go shopping, Raw Elements offers our viewers 10% off using the “Tula” discount code Amazon also provides an affiliate program where we are given a discount if our followers purchase anything from Amazon within 30 days of clicking on our connection, even though it is not the recommended product.

We ‘re extremely picky about what kind of businesses we represent. The strong base of followers I mention above is very intelligent and they know when the placement of the product is unnatural. That’s why we’re only representing products or services that we love, trust and believe our audience would also enjoy it. Too many irrelevant items to advertise would cause your subscribers to lose faith in your service.

Where do most of our earnings come from?

So you have it there, folks. We make less than twenty per cent directly from YouTube of our earnings. But the truth is that if it weren’t for the YouTube platform itself, our other revenue sources would not be possible. Having our videos out there gives us an opportunity to be viewed by millions of people and allow other business relationships.

Is it possible to make a living off YouTube?

Yeah, but if you don’t get millions of views a day you’ll need to be innovative and find other ways to make money for your videos. Patreon, sponsorships, partnerships, and sales of merchandise help us keep navigating the seas. I hope this article will shed some light on the money-making world at YouTube.

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