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How much money does a dentist earn annually or hourly? That is a big issue. As a continuation of our Healthcare Salaries show, we will discuss a general dentist ‘s compensation and hourly wages. Dentists can make very good salaries, and even some dentists earn more money than some doctors do. In dentistry there are up to nine different specialties but this article only covers the salary of a general dentist.

How Daily Based Dentists Do:
Most of us were with the dentist, and we know a lot about what they do at the work. Dentists inspect, diagnose and treat teeth and gum disorders, fractures, and malformations. Dentists also treat nerve, pulp, and other dental tissue diseases which affect oral hygiene and teeth retention.

Here are some of the most common tasks which a dentist must do all day long:

1.Take the decay off the teeth and fill the cavities.
2.Repair teeth that are broken or missing, and remove teeth.
3.Straighten the teeth to fix issues with bite.
4.Place sealants or teeth whiteners.
5.Do anesthetics to prevent patients from feeling discomfort during procedures.
6.Write antibiotic or other prescription drugs
Also dentists will do a lot of cosmetic work including veneers, whitening procedures, and so on.

To become a Dentist Education Requirements:
Becoming a general dentist takes about 8 years: four years in a bachelor’s degree program, and then another four years in dental school. All dental schools require applicants to complete certain required course of science, such as biology and chemistry. Majoring in a science, such as biology, may improve the likelihood of being admitted, but most dental programs do not require a particular major.

University undergraduates who want to apply for a dental school usually have to take the Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) in their junior year. Dental school enrollment can be competitive. These tests, along with other factors such as grade point average and recommendations, are used by dental schools to admit students to their programmes.

Dental schools require students to take classes on topics such as local anesthesia, anatomy, periodontology (studying oral illness and health), and radiology. Both dental schools provide practice where students are under the supervision of a licensed dentist working with patients in a clinical environment.

In all states, dentists must be licensed; requirements vary by State. For most states, candidates need to graduate from an approved dental school and pass written and practical exams to apply for a license.

Students in high school who want to become dentists should be taking courses in chemistry , physics , biology, anatomy and mathematics.

If you wish to enter a specific dental specialty, there is normally a need for additional training before you practice that specialty. Graduates usually have to complete a 1- or 2-year internship in their specialty-related program. After dental school however, general dentists do not require any further training.

Dentists who plan to teach or do full-time work typically spend a further 2 to 5 years in specialized dental school. Many professionals often teach part-time, including supervising students in clinics at the dental school.

Salary and Hourly Wage of a Dentist

According to the, this field will grow 16% between years 2012-2022. employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation, as of 2014:

Mean hourly wageMean annual wage (salary) 

Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:

Percentile10%25%50% (Median)
Hourly Wage$33.61$52.09$71.90
Annual Wage$69,910$108,360$149,540

Top paying industries

IndustryHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Offices of Dentists$81.42$169,360
Management of Companies and Enterprises$79.41$165,180
State Government (OES Designation)$75.13$156,270
Offices of Other Health Practitioners$73.74$153,380
Employment Services$73.37$152,610

Industries with the highest levels of employment in this occupation:

IndustryHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Offices of Dentists$81.42$169,360
Offices of Physicians$69.78$145,140
Outpatient Care Centers$70.13$145,870
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals$64.49$134,140
State Government (OES Designation)$75.13$156,270

Top paying states:

New Hampshire104.92218,230

Lowest Paying States:


Salary and Hourly Wages for Dentists by State:

Alabama Dentist Salary and Wage83.28173,220
Alaska Dentist Salary and Wage98.98205,880
Arizona Dentist Salary and Wage68.22141,890
Arkansas Dentist Salary and Wage77.17160,520
California Dentist Salary and Wage74.65155,270
Colorado Dentist Salary and Wage75.98158,050
Connecticut Dentist Salary and Wage88.20183,460
Delaware Dentist Salary and Wage108.09224,830
District of Columbia Dentist Salary and Wagen/an/a
Florida Dentist Salary and Wage78.64163,570
Georgia Dentist Salary and Wage91.64190,620
Hawaii Dentist Salary and Wage80.51167,470
Idaho Dentist Salary and Wage81.42169,360
Illinois Dentist Salary and Wage68.26141,980
Indiana Dentist Salary and Wage69.12143,780
Iowa Dentist Salary and Wage83.89174,480
Kansas Dentist Salary and Wage83.52173,720
Kentucky Dentist Salary and Wage72.57150,950
Louisiana Dentist Salary and Wage71.27148,240
Maine Dentist Salary and Wage98.02203,890
Maryland Dentist Salary and Wage76.84159,830
Massachusetts Dentist Salary and Wage84.27175,280
Michigan Dentist Salary and Wage77.42161,040
Minnesota Dentist Salary and Wage93.12193,690
Mississippi Dentist Salary and Wage73.31152,490
Missouri Dentist Salary and Wage81.08168,650
Montana Dentist Salary and Wage62.69130,390
Nebraska Dentist Salary and Wage72.66151,130
Nevada Dentist Salary and Wage69.60144,770
New Hampshire Dentist Salary and Wage104.92218,230
New Jersey Dentist Salary and Wage75.31156,640
New Mexico Dentist Salary and Wage90.35187,920
New York Dentist Salary and Wage78.86164,030
North Carolina Dentist Salary and Wage98.95205,820
North Dakota Dentist Salary and Wage88.27183,600
Ohio Dentist Salary and Wage89.47186,100
Oklahoma Dentist Salary and Wage71.07147,820
Oregon Dentist Salary and Wage81.31169,110
Pennsylvania Dentist Salary and Wage80.14166,690
Puerto Rico Dentist Salary and Wage25.2552,520
Rhode Island Dentist Salary and Wage88.07183,180
South Carolina Dentist Salary and Wage88.05183,150
South Dakota Dentist Salary and Wage79.13164,590
Tennessee Dentist Salary and Wage83.10172,850
Texas Dentist Salary and Wage89.31185,760
Utah Dentist Salary and Wage54.32112,990
Vermont Dentist Salary and Wage98.44204,760
Virginia Dentist Salary and Wage76.34158,780
Washington Dentist Salary and Wage85.53177,890
West Virginia Dentist Salary and Wage81.53169,590
Wisconsin Dentist Salary and Wage85.66178,180
Wyoming Dentist Salary and Wage88.22183,490

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