how quickly does hair grow

How quickly does hair grow- Tips 2020

How quickly does hair grow – Experts Review

On average, hair tends to grow between 0.5 and 1.7 centimeters per month. This is equivalent to around 0.2 to 0.7 inches.

This estimate comes from The Trichological Society. However, lots of different factors affect the speed of hair growth.

Males, for example, may find that their hair grows faster than that of females. Other things that influence the speed of hair growth include genetics, age, health, and pregnancy.

Bone marrow, which is the soft substance present inside the bones, is the only part of the body that grows faster than hair.

The lips, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet are the only parts of the body on which hair does not grow. The main purpose of hair is to protect the body and keep it warm.

Keep reading for more information on how hair grows and the various factors that affect the speed of its growth.

Stages of hair growth:

People are born with some 5 million follicles in their hair. These are tiny pockets in the skin from which hair grows.

Of those follicles, some 100,000 are on the scalp. Persons with oval follicles have very curly hair while persons with round follicles have straight hair.

The stages of hair growth are as follows: There is a hair root in each follicle, which is made of protein cells.
When blood circulates around the body, it supplies the protein cells with oxygen and nutrients which they need to multiply.
They develop hair as the protein cells grow, which pushes up through the skin.
As the hair grows out of the skin it is going through an oil gland. It lubricates the hair with the oil it needs to stay smooth and light.
It’s dead by the time the hair gets long enough to pass through the skin. As a new hair develops below it pushes out the dead hair from the head. Then the hair will fall out, or be shed.

Not all hair follicles are working simultaneously. For example, follicles on the scalp may grow hair for some years before they become inactive for a period of time. The inactive part of the process of hair growth is called telogen.

When part of the normal hair growth process, people lose about 50–100 hairs from their bodies each day.

Factors influencing hair growth

Everyone’s hair is different and many factors will influence how quickly it grows.These include: Genetics: a person’s genes are going to dictate how fast their hair will grow.

Sex: Male hair grows more rapidly than female hair.
Age: Hair grows faster between 15 and 30 years, before slowing down. When people grow older, some follicles stop working altogether. This is why some men get their hair thinner or go bald.
Nutrition: Good nutrition is important to healthy hair growth and upkeep.

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