How to make money on onlyfans?

So, you made an account for OnlyFans, now what? How do you succeed on OnlyFans, and make full use of this platform? (And of course make a lot of money!)

Let’s Review Some Important OnlyFans Tips:

1.Set the subscription price * good price *:

Although setting your monthly price as high as possible might be tempting (the current limit for OnlyFans is $49.99 / month), my advice is to balance that with what your fans would reasonably afford to pay. You ‘re going to get more fans at a cheaper price (say, $9.99 or 14.99) and they’re going to be more likely to pay for the Pay-Per-View messages and end up spending ore on you altogether. Simultaneously, don’t shortchange yourself and don’t set your subscription price too low where you can get customers to demand too much for too little. It’s all about harmony and the audience learning too! If you are in Findom, you could very well set a high monthly price.

2.Promote online links to your OnlyFans + Advertise content!

Get creative on this! Promote certainly on Twitter and Instagram, if you have it, as well as promote your connection during cam shows, if you are streaming online. You can also share your link on your official website / blog, TikTok, Reddit or. The more places you can show your relation To-the better! Of course, don’t go crazy entirely with it and annoy viewers. It’s a great promotion idea to have your link in your twitter bio, or even your Twitter name. Furthermore, make sure that your followers know what kind of content they sign up for by posting short clips, pictures and polls on your social media.

3.Speak with your fans:

Consistency and communication are the path to a good camming career and beyond, so don’t forget the crucial portion! Create a posting schedule and try to stick to it, as well as react to comments and DMs, which will lead to more loyalty and renewal of subscriptions. There’s nothing worse than losing subscribers because you just didn’t get enough content out there. It could be a good idea to shoot some videos and photo sets in advance, so you can release them slowly over the course of the month.

4.Pay-per – view messages (PPVs):

PPVs are a great way to create stronger connections, and make members feel like they have something really exclusive and special about them. You may set different prices (say, $1-3, or $10 +) for their messages to unlock. Messages can be anything-pictures, videos or posts of text! Here you can really use your imagination and create some special photosets, videos or a sexy chat which would make members want to see it. That is a great way to make OnlyFans extra money!

5.Get to know your audience :

You can use your intuition or see what other camgirls are posting, but making polls is a really useful way to really find out what YOUR fans want! The KEY to a successful OnlyFans account is to know your audience! With the aid of the analytics features on OnlyFans you can find out what kind of content members want to see next and track which of your posts have been successful. You can monitor how many messages were opened, read and which prices were the most competitive for your PPVs, so that you can learn and make more informed decisions about your future posts.

6.Do year-round promotional campaigns:

Sales are a perfect way to attract new customers in or involve your existing followers by letting them believe they ‘re getting a bargain. Everybody enjoys a sale, and promotions generate enthusiasm for members. There is always an reason to do a promotional campaign, be it Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s day, your birthday – whatever you can think of!

7.Consider freeing up your account-for a while at least:

An alternate approach to consider is to free up your OnlyFans account! This will make for a higher following as subscribers don’t have to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee. In addition to pay-per – view messages and tips, free accounts can use the pay-per – view post feature which allows you to monetise individual posts. While you don’t have the predictability of subscription revenue, this approach can be profitable and contribute to wider brand awareness.

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