Patriot 1500 solar power generator: portable power system “Magic Bullet” for defending you against outdoor blockages and electricity


Solar energy Patriot 1500! Would her name scare you, huh? Sure, going to solar is patriotic, of course. It saves fuel and the world itself. It saves. This portable 4 Patriots LLC solar generator is a great product for survival. You can take it anywhere to make your life off the grid energy-full.

As a computer, Patriot solar generator is indeed worth looking at, ignoring its controversial title and propaganda texts. It is well built for charging your devices both in the wild and in conditions of survival. Okay, as you can see, a 1500W unit is the cold solar generator from 4 Patriots. And there’s a battery of lithium iron-phosphate in it to hold a wide range of devices going like phones and refrigerators.

Nevertheless, 4 Patriots are disappointed that the solar generator is not available on retail stores such as Amazon. The product is sold only via its official website. But Patriot’s solar generator comes with a range of survival devices in a pack, unlike its competitors. We include a personal water filter, a multi-tool and a set of play cards, more interestingly. Indeed, this means, to keep you loaded and engaged outdoors, you have a rich portable solar pack.

Solar Patriot Generator 1500 – all you need to know

Patriot is a 1500W computer to test its features, as you learn. You can charge it through both solar and wall outlets, like all similar models. Yeah, you get a solar panel from Bosch with a solar pack of 100 watt folding. It takes approximately 4 hours for the solar generator to fully charge its internal battery under the heat. If you don’t have a bright sky, simply connect it to the wall to ensure that you’ve got power all the time.

Another remarkable thing is that Patriot solar power generator 1500 is only available in a kit. It offers you several bonuses, including additional accessories and tools, as we noted above. You will get an AlexaPure Survival Spring Water Filter, the 25-feet solar expansion line, a seven hours emergency meal kit, multi-tool survival equipment, and a set of cards as well as a set of handbooks and guides.

It weighs 37,5 pounds, coming to its height. And you have three strong handles to pick up the machine quickly. The built-in ports include 120V AC outlets, four USB ports, a 12V DC outlet and an Anderson Power Pole 12V screen. It helps you to tap into a wide array of systems and apps.


What is special about it

State of the art Innovation

The Patriot Solar Generator 1500 is a state-of – the-art portable power system compared with many of its rivals. First and foremost, a battery of lithium-iron-phosphate is reputed to be known for its chemical and thermal stability. In addition, it provides more charging cycling and more protection against the traditional lead acid battery that you could see inside Goal Zero Yeti 1250. In order to charge large varieties of your campsite, survival or emergency equipment and devices, the inverter can supply up to 1,500 watts continuous power.

Stylish and highly portable style

Patriot solar generator maintains a good design and is also very portable. Its entire configuration is securely placed in a strong case with three solid handles. You’ve got all its ports and outlets outside the case. Above all, you can read battery status and other information easily with a small display.

Solar Panel Folding and Extensible Too

Patriot 1500 solar power generator offers a high-quality Bosch panel folding solar panel. It is a sturdy and robust panel with reinforced angles that guarantees a better life. You can fold up the panel and place it in less space at your campground or emergency preparation kit by adding more to its portability factor. In addition, you can extend the solar units by additional panels, like most other solar generators, by daisy chaining.


What You May Don’t Like

Unlike any other solar generating devices, some disputes are known for Patriot Solar Generator 1500. For some reasons, the way the manufacturer marketed the drug is somewhat controversial. 4 Portraits recall everywhere it speaks of the commodity a potential mass outage in a targeted attack by Iran, Russia, ISIS, and North Korea against the USA’s grid power network.

The high price of Patriot’s 1500 solar generator is another significant decline. Indeed, you have to spend nearly $2,000 to purchase a solar power device when your great competitors, such as Goal Zero Yeti 1250 are only about $1,500. Nevertheless, you should note that the solar generator for the 4 Portraits comes with an accessory kit.

Finally, there is another problem for quality. In retail sites or in its very own inventory the Portrait solar generator is not widely available. The manufacturer says it took a while to get a unit ready to go for shipping, blaming the “current production process.” In all events, 4 Patriots accept orders on their own website and supply 100 customers. Book your Patriot 1500 solar power generator package here.


Final Thoughts

Patriot Solar Generator looks like a great product from customer reviews. He is an ideal companion for all types of customers such as campers and hikers as well as those who want him for emergency training or use at home. Yes, its data show what sort of Patriot solar generator 1500 is. It is so strong and intelligent for any kind of off-grid power use. We can therefore definitely consider it to be one of the best heavy-duty solar power generators. By the way, in our comments section below, you have a generator set. We love listening to you.

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