Tabletop Grills for 2020 Best List -Updated

The Best Tabletop Grills for 2020

Typically, tabletop grills are very lightweight and mobile, making them useful in many different situations.

If you have a very limited space, it could be your little stationary grill.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about cooking while on the road or camping, it’s a great option. The biggest advantages in this group are low weight and compact size.

For a small family that doesn’t grill a lot, the power of a tabletop grill is more than enough.

Furthermore, listing other helpful solutions such as the lid lock or folding grill legs is a good place–all of this is particularly desirable in a grill intended to cook away from home.

I picked the best tabletop grills in many different places to show themselves. Not only different types of building, but also the type of fuel (mainly coal or gas) can be selected.

The Four Best Tabletop Grills 2020 Reviewed By Experts

Below are my favorite charcoal & gas tabletop grills from the entire market offer. Combined with accessories, some of them offer almost the same type of comfort as a regular grill.

Analyze all the options carefully, they are quite diverse, making them suitable for many different situations.

1. Weber Go-Anywhere Review 2020

Weber is the BBQ world’s leading maker, responsible for creating the finest grills for charcoal. There is no question that it is a company that has been setting trends for years now and maintaining high quality of its products.

I picked for you a tabletop grill that combines the most important characteristics–workmanship quality, durability, functionality, low price and great food flavour.

In many different situations, Weber Go-Anywhere is a fantastic grill that will work great. It is perfect for small family barbecue jobs and has phenomenal mobile qualities.

Under the lid you’ll find 160 square inches of cooking area, which means you can fit as many as 6 burgers, two big steaks or some chicken pieces (about 6).

The whole structure is so light that you can easily get it on the lane.

The benefits include not only the weight, but also its properly designed construction, which makes transportation from one position to another simpler.

Usually separating a hot grill from the surface, aluminum legs can serve as a lid lock when folded.

For having as many as three sticks, one on the top and two on the bottom, I also give it big thumbs up. Most manufacturers forget that when cooking, handles require a hot grill to be moved safely.

It comes with air vents, but I must honestly admit that they are not quite as effective in this type of construction. I have an alternative option for you if you want an efficient temperature control.

Weber’s deal also includes the Smokey Joe, which comes in the well-known Kettle round style. Such construction offers much better control of temperature, but because of its price and mobility, I picked Go-Anywhere.

This is more about knowledge and awareness. Start cooking with a smaller quantity of charcoal and the right temperature will be easier for you to achieve and maintain. Because of the very small distance between the grates and the furnace, it is most critical.

2. Blackstone Table Top Grill 17″ Review 2020

A grid is different from a standard grill, for one thing, it has a flat plate instead of grill grill grates. Its versatility characterizes it, which is particularly useful when away from home (like camping).

I would just like to point out that it’s a tabletop grill running on small bottles of propane.

This Blackstone Tabletop Grill’s flat surface offers completely different options and very large capacity (330 square inches).

It works great to cook sensitive things and the sort that falls through the gaps in grill grates. I’m talking about sliced vegetables, eggs or pancakes of all sorts. Such a menu, combined with typical meat, is a single, varied, healthy meal.

It’s one of my favorite choices because of its flexibility and a great alternative to a traditional grill that you can learn about in my camping grill guide.

One of this model’s advantages is two independently controlled burners that allow two heat zones to be created. Unfortunately, the exposed main cooking surface is a slight drawback, which could cause some issues when cooking under windy conditions.

I must also mention the great graase drainage system as well. The grill comes with a special chute draining grease directly into the container from the surface. This solution stops food from remaining in oil, and it only takes a moment to clean it up after cooking.

The last downside is the lack of handles that make it difficult to transport when it’s hot from one place to another.

3. Weber Q1200 Review 2020

If you want the easiest control and convenience of temperature, this grill will be a great choice. It only takes a moment to hit a suitable temperature for cooking when you start the burner.

Weber Q1200 is ideal for small spaces (balconies or patios apartments) and great for travel.

I will say that it’s one of the most good tabletop grills, one of the most stable.

It can easily serve as a small stationary grill together with the separately sold stand (Q Portable Cart).

Hidden under the lid are 189 square inches of cooking area, check out the slightly larger Q2200 version if it’s not enough.

Great grilling results are assured by a very solid burner made of stainless steel and high-quality porcelain plate grill. A griddle can be purchased separately, which will extend your possibilities for cooking.

It can hit very high temperatures, making this phenomenal for wieners, hamburgers or steaks to grill hot and fast, producing distinct sear marks on the surface (see video)

Solid side shelves provide plenty of work space, and when folded, they are sturdy enough to be used as handles.

You also don’t have to think about washing because all the grease goes through a hole in the middle of the grill to a special aluminum tray that you can wash quickly and easily on the side.

I appreciate the high quality of workmanship and I know it’s a very sturdy grill that’s why I recommend it particularly if you’re planning to cook often away from home. Weber’s Q sequence is in very high positions in all rankings.

If you are looking for a good, flexible and very fast grill, it’s a perfect solution. It costs the most of all tabletop grills, of course, but efficiency and versatility are never cheap items.

4. Cuisinart CGG-200 Review 2020

The next tabletop grill provides plenty of space and is also suitable for small spaces and convenient transportation. The architecture was built with the highest possible efficiency and easy cooking in mind.

Cuisinart CGG-200 is one of the largest tabletop grills offering 240 square inches of cooking area.

For a family of few, you can easily prepare enough food.

It comes with two extendable side shelves that provide a certain area of work and solid handles to make it easy to carry. Solutions of this kind are useful when cooking away from home where there are no tables, etc. On top of that, the whole structure is fairly solid and stable, and its shape makes transportation more convenient.

I wish it had a lid lock and folding legs–these are very useful for transport. In addition, one burner prevents the creation of different heat zones.

It is a decent option, but it is very lacking in many respects compared to competitive tabletop grills available at similar prices (mobility, flexibility and workmanship quality).

Personally, I prefer brands that are only specialized in the manufacture of grills so I can know they have a tremendous experience on the subject.

Tips to purchase a new tabletop grill 2020

Don’t know where to get started? First of all, read my tips. Once you get to know my tips, choosing the right sort of table top grill depending on your situation will be simpler for you.

Budget–Find out how much you can spend on a new tabletop grill. Charcoal options are among the cheapest, while versions fuelled by propane will cost as much as multiple times more.

Fuel type–Everyone has their flavor and cooking style preferences. Decide which fuel type is better for you, taking into account both advantages and disadvantages.

Temperature control–The best option is the propane versions where all you need to do is start the burner and adjust it to keep the temperature you want. Charcoal, unfortunately, requires a lot more effort, the biggest role in a grill is played by the amount of fuel used, and then the adjustment of the air vent (if any).

Size and weight–refers to tabletop grills of all styles. Think carefully where you’ll be cooking, and if the weight and size will make a difference. If you want to bring the grill on a vacation, you will take this thing into consideration.

Lid lock–You know how important it is if you’ve ever brought a grill away from home without a lid lock. A loose grill cover causes mobility issues, regardless of whether it’s on foot or by vehicle.

Handles–They allow you to bring the grill with you easily and push it around while you cook. Not all small grills come with handles, which makes it a problem to move a hot grill to another spot suddenly.

Warranty–To you, it’s a certain indicator of how the manufacturer’s own product prices. Although this is not always the case, a short warranty period in most cases means poor workmanship quality in a grill. In this case, it is best to go for BBQ world-renowned brands that offer better guarantees and overall quality (in this situation, like Weber or Blackstone).

Check best grill brush 2020

Never use a tabletop grill 2020 on a table of plastic

Each regular grill comes with a proper stand that separates the surface from the hot construction. It’s not just about the comfort of cooking, as you can see, but also about security.

To start cooking safely, a tabletop grill requires the right type of surface.

Most tabletop grills don’t have long enough legs to separate them from the board. Therefore, when cooking, the construction of a grill can get very hot, and the accumulated heat can cause problems.

YOU CAN’T use a tabletop grill on flammable surfaces like plastic for that purpose. Most plastics are very vulnerable to heat, causing them to begin to melt and creating even greater risk of starting fire.

It is best to use this type of grill on tables that will certainly not be affected by the cooking temperature. A great option is a metal table that certainly has no effect on such temperatures.

It’s also a good idea to consider purchasing special grill mats that will not only shield the surface from flame, but also from hot grease, food remains, or burning charcoal.

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