Trending 2020 – Grill Covers for 2020 Best List

It often leads to unpleasant situations leaving the grill out unattended.

Through animals and other creatures that hide inside, to scratches, all the way to the whole grill wearing down pretty much faster.

Longer exposure to pollutants (water and air) or sun allows the colors to fade, dampen, or cause the worst symptom–corrosion. The last one is your biggest enemy, particularly if you have a poorer quality steel grill.

Getting your grill properly protected will allow you to make it last longer for every occasion and keep it in great condition.

Remember that from a brand other than your grill, you can buy a cover. It’s a much cheaper option, but you need to make sure your grill model fits in with a particular cover.

I’ve prepared a list of the best grill covers available on the market for most of the grill types.

The 5 Best Barbecue Grill covers 2020 for most grill sizes

High quality, durable and close to the entire construction of the grill should be a good cover. It is necessary to have straps and protections that can carry your grill away from the strong wind.

I’ve chosen a number of different options so you don’t have a problem getting a matching size, which is the most important thing to buy a cover.

1. AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover Review 2020

Let’s start with a great price, decent quality and durability cover. Despite the low price, it comes with several useful features that help it fit the grill’s construction better.

AmazonBasics Barbecue Cover is available from the smallest to XX-Large in several different sizes. There are also much bigger covers at attractive prices.

A little advice here to buy a bigger one if you have any doubts about the size. Many customers complain that covers are slightly too small, and it turns out that a good solution is simply ordering a larger size than your estimate.

Air vents are the first significant thing that prevents condensation from happening successfully. Remember that moisture is your grill’s biggest enemy, making such solutions a must.

Due to its elasticity, Bungee Cord allows the cover to be kept securely in place. In this way, wind has no impact on it and it can be mounted on grills of various sizes.

Now the most important part, Woven Polyester Fabric (300D polyester) cover was made. The manufacturer claims that, in combination with water-resistant insulation, this material will provide protection to most of the most common external factors.

It means you don’t have to worry about rain, wind, sun or snow–unfortunately, it’s not (only partially) completely resistant to UV radiation. However, it’s a really solid cover for this kind of money that can be recommended to everyone.

2. VicTsing Grill Cover Review 2020

The next option is available at a similar price in many sizes as well. Visually speaking, it all looks great, although it’s a shame that only one color is available (just like most manufacturers).

However, it’s not about the style, it’s about the material that was made of the VicTsing Grill Cover and all kinds of handles, as well as the final fit.

The cover was made from the fabric of 600D polyester, making it heavy and durable.

It is water-resistant, dust-resistant, of course, comes with protection from UV rays and all sorts of protection from strong wind.

The handles make it easier to position the cover on the grill, while the side straps help match the grill to the entire frame, enabling it to stay so tightly that no wind is too heavy for it.

High-thickness seams improve longevity substantially, providing strong tear resistance.

A nice accent from the manufacturer is a carrying sack, although not a lot of people will need it, for a special occasion it is always nice to have something like that around.

As for durability, I have to admit that it will sadly cause the material to weaken and the colors to gradually fade if it is exposed to sun for a prolonged period of time.

The reality is that with any cover in this price range, it’s an issue, but for this kind of money it’s still a great investment for quite a few seasons.

3. AmazonBasics Kettle Grill Cover Review 2020

It is quite difficult to find the right cover designed for charcoal grills in the kettle style. Most deals are for grills in square form, but I’ve got good news for you.

AmazonBasics ‘ kettle cover has been designed primarily with kettle-shaped grills in mind.

It fits most models from size 18.5 “up to about size 26,” according to the manufacturer. In reality I have to admit that it fits nicely on small kettles, beautifully on medium-sized ones (22.5) “and sadly I think for Weber 26 it’s a bit too small.”

It was made of Woven Polyester, which is distinguished by strong resistance to many external factors, just like the water-resistant padding.

This defends mostly against dust, fog, snow, strong wind, and even heat.

It comes with an elastic string that allows you to fit as well as possible the cover. Above all, it stops it from being blown away by wind and unwanted guests from getting into the kitchen, which could make them a perfect house.

I have also forgotten to mention the air vents, which play a very important role in preventing condensation and humidity accumulation, which is the number one enemy of any steel grill.

Kettle grills are quite cheap and very durable at the same time, so many people choose not to buy a cover. I used to think the same way, but now I know it’s not just a way to make a grill last longer, but to keep it clean and bright.

I’d be scared of the prices for such covers, they would often cost almost half of my grill’s entire price, so you have to admit that besides keeping it clean, there were no other arguments in favor of a cover that cost so much.

Since the cover cost 50% of my grill, it would be better to buy a new grill from time to time instead of trying to keep the old one in good shape, right?

Fortunately, I think differently now and I’m happy that you can buy a good cover at a very low price. The cost of such cover is about 10 percent of a new 18.5 “weber kettle’s purchase value, so I think it’s worth it.

4. Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover Review 2020

This time it’s an option for bigger grill owners (three natural gas grills burners and above). It is available in a number of large sizes and suits most of the market’s most common manufacturers.

Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover means that you really need the kind of safety at the lowest possible price while maintaining good quality.

It’s a great alternative that can cost the same brand as the grill even several times less than a cover.

It comes with all the necessary solutions that include sufficient handles to make it easier to put on and straps to match the cover and keep it in place (which is really useful when it’s windy).

To enjoy all the benefits of a cover, the right fit is important, which means you should carefully check the grill size and purchase the right cover size.

A durable material (oxford fabric 600D) and a PVC layer will effectively protect you against rain, snow, dust, wind and overall moisture, which has the most severe after-sun impact.

The reality is that the sun is going to do its thing anyway, causing the cover to lose its colors, but it doesn’t happen very quickly. On the other hand, at this kind of money, there is no point in seeking miracles, it is an option available for pennies for several seasons.

A bag that comes in handy when you have no place to safely store a cover that is not in use is also included.

5. KingKong Grill Cover – Best for Weber Genesis II Review 2020

I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of 3 or 4 burner gas grill owners here.

I present the KingKong Grill Cover to this kind of people, which stands out for its good quality, useful accessories, warranty and relatively low price.

I’m talking about the size that fits most of the most popular 3 or 4 burner models (Weber Genesis, Char-Broil etc) perfectly right now.

Of course, the same manufacturer sells covers just as great as this one in several other sizes, but mostly on this particular size I will base my review.

Great longevity and resistance to the basic external factors characterize the cover made of 600D polyester materials. Grill safety from heat, snow, dust, or even UV radiation is guaranteed.

The sun itself will, of course, slowly have an impact on the entire cover, but the durability is completely satisfying for this kind of money.

I really liked the wide straps that allow you to hold the cover securely in place so you don’t even have to worry about very strong winds.

I would like to remind you that if this particular model does not suit your grill, the same manufacturer will sell cover in a different size.

I believe that the three-year warranty period is one of the greatest advantages of this product, particularly in this price range.

It’s also a good place to mention a few basic bbq tools that come with the cover (grill brush, barbecue tongs and meat thermometer), which also have their market value. They’re nothing spectacular, but they’re certainly going to come in handy.

Why do you need a grill cover 2020?

If for a few dozen dollars you’re buying a very cheap grill, then there’s really no point in buying a cover that costs so much. In such a scenario, after a few seasons, it will be easier to just buy a new grill.

Unless you care about appearance and cleanliness, a cover is recommended in that case regardless of the value of the grill.

However, if you own a grill worth at least several hundred dollars, thinking about a cover is a good idea.

The purpose is to help keep the grill in a perfect condition to last a lot longer. If you invest several hundred dollars, let alone more than a thousand dollars, you want your investment to last as long as possible.

A cover removes a lot of negative factors that have a very bad impact on the grill’s entire design. These are the sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, moisture, dirt, dust, or even undesirable insects.

Each of these factors has a negative impact, leads to corrosion, causes colors to fade, destroys certain components, and much more.

If you want to keep your grill as long as possible in a great condition and endure a lot more, you need to buy a cover. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep every grill in good condition.

Even within a garage, a cover is effective, protecting against dust and dirt as a whole.

Tips for the purchase of a large grill cover 2020

Size–The right size is the foundation, if you want to retain all of its protective properties, a cover will fit perfectly. Buying a dedicated cover for your grill model is the best solution. Fortunately, many manufacturers are informing which models fit their cover. However, if you own an expensive grill and can’t find the right size, it’s best to buy the same brand’s original cover.

Material–Much better and more durable are solid, heavy duty covers. They cost more, of course, but when you are guaranteed that the cover will last more than 1-2 seasons, it is worth paying extra. In heavy conditions, strong wind, sudden rainfall, snow or even hail, they also work much better.

Stripes–They enable the cover to be securely fastened to the grill and reduce any potential gaps that animals may be able to overcome. In harsher conditions, it’s also a great protection when you’re concerned about wind etc.

Waterproof–Any cover that is exposed to external factors should be waterproof (except when the grill is stored in the garage). Humidity affects a grill very badly, causing the appearance of corrosion, which makes it very necessary.

UV Defense–Long-term ultraviolet exposure has a harmful effect on a grill, causing fading of colors and degradation of certain components, the same applies to the cover.

Style–This is a minor issue with no protection at all, so take it more like a separate advice. I would like to point out that the cover offer is large enough to have a lot to choose from, so you can easily match the cover to the surrounding style.

Warranty–Much depends on the price range, but a cover should be long-lasting in most situations, although the cheapest brands do not expect miracles. In fact, you should expect a lot when it comes to heavy duty coverage, especially because of the price, so check out the guarantee.

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