What jobs make the most money – Updated

Anyone wanting a career and a decent future would want to learn about the careers that make the most money. In this article we ‘re telling you some of the best career paths you can take to get rich and successful.

Nearly all of us want a bright future and one thing we can not predict is the future. Right now, you just can not predict anything. With the economy gradually rising, life is, though slowly, returning to its feet. Young guns like us worry about a brilliant future and a lucrative career. Obviously, we are looking for better career opportunities and are struggling to do so. Now, wouldn’t it be easy if you knew which work and profession is paying off well?

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Analysis years says the medical professions are the ones that cost the most. IT also has some of the highest paying employees , in addition to education. Indeed, these two fields pay a nice sum, but innovation is not limited to surgical instruments and the working of the machine. So here is a look at the job choices that make the most of the capital.

Careers that Make the Most Money

Airline Pilots

Of course, the economic crisis brought some pay cuts but the work of a pilot is still one of the top paying occupations in the U.S. Senior pilots earn up to USD 215,000 annually, while juniors earn up to USD 150,000 annually. The work of a pilot is difficult but it has its benefits as well. Whether you’re flying national or international route doesn’t matter, a pilot earns good and gets exclusive perks.

If you ask me about making jobs with money, I would suggest that counselors are one of those. Man has hit the moon but there are still some places where he has fallen in life. He also wants advice on how to fine-tune life. That is when advisors move in. We help people see the facts, and help them better understand problems. There are various types of psychologists, treating people with marital issues, narcotics, alcohol , tobacco, gambling and eating disorders. Counselors receive up to US$ 50,000 for their services per year. For this exciting career, people who are good listeners and really want to help people out are best suitable.

Lawyers just aren’t battling cases of divorce and hearing couples sue each other. Often, they treat matters more important than other domestic wars. Lawyers came at # 5 in the list of top ten highest paying occupations in America. They are the guardians of the poor lawyers, and serve as advisers to large multinational corporations and businesses. A year lawyers are paid more than USD 90,000 for their valued services.

Photographers at the marriage:
If you’re looking for a good paying career that doesn’t include a college degree, consider being a photographer for the wedding. Wedding photographers receive for their services between USD 2000 to USD 5000. Often the task is a little frustrating when dealing with drunken visitors and screaming brides, but afterwards you get free food and drinks.

Now that you know what occupations make the most money, here are some more choices which are as exciting and adventurous as the names given above. Look at the on demand work.

  1. Nuclear Engineers (USD 80,000 Annually)
  2. Dentists (USD 150,791 Annually)
  3. Networks, Systems, and Data Communications Analysts (USD 73,800 Annually)
  4. Air Traffic Controllers (USD 83,759 Annually)
  5. Petroleum Engineers (USD 81,900 Annually)
  6. CEO (USD 140,880 Annually)
  7. Scuba Divers (USD 71,000 Annually)
  8. Game Testers (USD 49,850 Annually)
  9. Registered Nurses (USD 70,000 Annually)
  10. Psychologists (USD 54,746 Annually)

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