Wireless Meat Thermometers for 2020 Best List – Updated

Wireless Meat Thermometers 2020

You have a huge problem with preparing perfect food or just want to relax and focus on other things instead of following the process of smoking?

A perfect solution in this situation is a wireless bbq thermometer that allows the temperature inside the meat or smoker to be monitored remotely and accurately.

The keyword here is “wireless,” such a thermometer allows for remote monitoring of temperature inside the meat or smoker, for example, while at home. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on something else and still have under your control the entire cooking process.

I think it’s a mandatory tool for someone grilling / smoking a lot. You get warmth, peace and free time to do something else while being sure the meat is going to be perfect as well.

I prepared a guide to present what I think is the best wireless meat thermometers on the market.

Because of the very large selection, I think you could use somebody’s knowledge on the subject.

The Three Best Wireless Meat Thermometers Reviewed by Experts

A good thermometer for wireless bbq is reliable, practical, inexpensive and guarantees a wide range. I focus on quality, accuracy and reasonable price, which is why I only selected few solid models (I own most of them personally) out of dozens of different choices.

1. ThermoPro TP20 Review 2020

Wireless Meat Thermometers 2020

ThermoPro TP20 In terms of price, workmanship quality, functionality and parameters, one of the best options on the market. Two samples require simultaneous monitoring of temperature in two locations, such as meat and smoker.

ThermoPro TP 20 comes with a receiver that allows temperature tracking from up to 300 feet away. It all depends on the environment, of course, but wifi always has better signal strength than bluetooth.

First and foremost, it is a very precise thermometer with accuracy of readings up to 1.8 F.

In case of any complications, two fairly long samples are protected with the manufacturer’s warranty. If you think readouts are incorrect, report this problem and ThermoPro will send you new samples free of charge. There is no problem with that in practice, which many customers have mentioned.

It comes with all the important features that allow you to concentrate on something else comfortably before you hear the alarm.

There are many pre-programmed settings with the option of inserting your own manually, a timer, a receiver belt clip, a base and many other convenience-enhancing features.

The receiver is splash resistant, it comes with a large, readable display with a feature of backlight.

As the name suggests, a wireless thermometer would allow temperature monitoring from a distance.

In addition to the quality of workmanship, versatility and price, the greatest advantage of ThermoPro TP 20 is its selection.

There is no problem matching the thermometer with the receiver at really long distances, as well as a missing contact warning.

If you really take smoking seriously, adding a little more to the budget and buying something better is a good idea.

ThermoPro is a trusted brand in the BBQ world, and its products are well built and available at reasonable prices, so I’m almost sure you won’t regret your decision.

However, if you have a really limited budget then I suggest the slightly cheaper ThermoPro TP-08S version, which differs mostly in that the TP20 model comes with presets of temperature (see exact comparison).

2. Maverick Et-733 Review 2020

Wireless Meat Thermometers 2020

MaverickET-733 A well-known and well-known brand for real barbecue enthusiasts is the next option. Maverick Et-733 comes with two samples that allow both inside the smoker and inside the meat to remotely control the temperature at the same time.

The range between the transmitter and receiver is a very important thing, in this case the manufacturer claims to have a signal strength of up to 300 feet.

Combining decent features, settings, precision and strong range makes this a great option for both beginners and experienced cooks alike.

It comes with pre-programmed temperatures for many different meat types as well as different levels of being done. Of example, it can be changed or completely new settings can be entered.

The transmitter comes with a large monitor that displays the collection of alarms. On the other hand, the receiver is a small device showing the current temperature and alarms when reaching the meat temperature (it blinks and has audio signals).

Whatever you want, you can use the probes. Some manufacturers offer two samples, but one for the grill, while the other for meat.

Compared to the competitive options, a huge downside to me is a pretty poor guarantee that lasts only 90 days. Let me just remind you, for example, that ThermoPro offers a one-year guarantee at a similar price, with the ability to extend it to 3 years after purchase for free.

In addition, it is a well-built and functional wireless meat thermometer that for a good reason enjoys enormous popularity. It comes with all the essential characteristics, a great range, two samples and a good price.

3. MEATER+ Review 2020

Wireless Meat Thermometers 2020

Lets tell you the truth, this is the only 100% wireless meat thermometer available on the market. The transmitter is one probe enabling as many as two measurements to be taken, whereas the receiver is a device like a cellphone or tablet.

The temperature inside and around the meat can be tracked, and all in one probe.

I must admit that Meater+ is a very innovative thermometer that looks a bit like an experiment compared to all the other models, but it’s a really solid design.

There’s no display, only a huge probe inside which hides the entire technology.

It doesn’t mean any kind of wires, etc, that bring a lot of chaos and limitations at times.

The receiver is your phone where you can connect to the transmitter with a dedicated app. Use wifi or bluetooth, the phone gets matched with anything that suits you better.

Unfortunately, when it comes to blueetooth (up to 160 feet), the drawback is a pretty poor range. You should try wifi when it comes to connection problems, which is distinguished by a much longer range and stronger signal.

In a wireless thermometer, the most important thing is the range, it is impossible to monitor the temperature remotely without it.

Compared to competitive ones, the app is quite sophisticated.

It’s certainly a very interesting option that brings a lot of fresh stuff to the market. Unfortunately, I think this solution is too expensive for most people from now on, especially when compared to much cheaper and better competitive versions.

The greatest advantages of Meater+ are minimalism, innovative technology and style, simple operation and functionality that make it stand out significantly on the market.

Why should you have a wireless thermometer 2020 for Cooking meat?

Mostly a wireless thermometer differs from a regular thermometer because it allows remote monitoring of temperature.

Smoking is a process that usually takes many hours to complete. You don’t have to stand by the smoker’s side and watch all the time. You can concentrate on something else and leave the thermometer to the temperature control.

A decent wireless thermometer comes with various alarms and, most importantly, allows for real-time monitoring of temperature away from the smoker / grill.

So if you have a standard meat thermometer, you should replace it as soon as possible with a new wireless model, especially if you’re cooking a lot.

This type of thermometer saves a lot of time that you can spend on other important things and ensures that the meat is going to be perfect.

Tips for buying a new wireless bbq thermometer 2020 – Buying Guide

The number of samples–pay attention to the number of samples, the cheaper options tend to offer only one sample. If you don’t have to think about the temperature inside the smoker because you have an electric smoker or barbecue with pellets, it’s all right. If you want to track temperature simultaneously in two different places (within the meat and the smoker) you will need at least two samples.

Reading accuracy –It may not be an instant read thermometer, but rather a tool for measuring temperature in real time. But while these don’t have to be the best parameters on the market, it’s still a good idea to pay attention to the accuracy of the readings. Inside the grill, the difference of several degrees does not make a big difference, but inside meat it does.

Temperature range–Do you smoke or barbecue at high temperatures, mainly depending on your cooking style? Each thermometer provides adequate parameters when it comes to smoking, while Remote Range–Remember that each manufacturer provides the kind of parameters that can only be achieved under perfect conditions. In fact, due to multiple external factors, the range claimed by the manufacturer (for example, 200 feet) will be much lower in reality. House walls, for example, effectively disrupt signals, significantly reducing the range. Either way, having the widest possible range is the best for your thermometer.

Features–Pre-programmed settings, backlit display, various types of alarms, different handles, and so on are just more convenience. Avoid “crazy” features and gadgets if you have a limited budget.

Splash resistance–Different things happen while cooking, making it a good thing if the thermometer you’re interested in is splash resistant.

Bluetooth vs Wifi BBQ Thermometers 2020

Explained Both types operate at the same frequency, but differ in connection to the receiver technology.

The receiver is a device fitted with a dedicated app and bluetooth connectivity in a bluetooth thermometer. (Usually the majority of phones or tablets are available). You can monitor the temperature after connecting to the phone and use all the features available with an app on your phone.

The ability to easily connect to any phone and fascinating features is a benefit of bluetooth. On the other hand, the drawback is a rather low signal quality relative to wifi and an even greater susceptibility to objects that physically block the signal (thick house walls, trees, etc.).

In fact, maintaining the bluetooth connection and using the app lets the phone drain the battery very quickly.

Much better signal strength and range are characterized by wifi. This allows connecting to the home network, which gives the receiver greater signal range.

Typically, Wi-Fi thermometers are a single transmitter and a smaller receiver. Because of the range parameters and the battery capacity of the receiver, it is a much better solution. You don’t need a phone or device, the basic receiver included is all you need.

Personally, if you want remote, trouble-free temperature monitoring, I recommend wi-fi. Unfortunately, Bluetooth often has connection problems, or even the phone app.

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